Traffic Stops Archive

Traffic Stops Report

Every Monday through Friday (except holidays) the University of Chicago Police Department posts daily traffic stop information from stops made by UCPD officers during the previous 24 hours. Weekend traffic stop reports (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) are added on the following Monday. The UCPD patrol area includes the area between 37th and 64th streets and Cottage Grove Avenue to Lake Shore Drive (not including Jackson Park).

For state-wide information regarding traffic stops, visit the Illinois Department of Transportation's website.

The dates listed below are the date of the UCPD reports, not the date the report was posted:

Date/Time Location Race Gender IDOT Classification Reason for Stop Citations/Violations Disposition Search
5/17/2018 7:53 AM 6000 S Ellis African American Male Traffic Sign/Signal Ran stop sign N/A Verbal Warning No
5/17/2018 1:02 PM 4900 S Drexel Hispanic Male Traffic Sign/Signal Ran red light N/A Verbal Warning No
5/17/2018 9:11 PM Midway Plaisance and University Caucasian Female Equipment Unsafe equipment N/A Verbal Warning No
5/17/2018 9:27 PM 5700 S Blackstone African American Male Lane Violation Wrong way on one way road N/A Verbal Warning No
5/17/2018 9:31 PM 5300 S Ingleside Caucasian Female Traffic sign/signal Ran stop sign N/A Verbal Warning No