Daily Incident Report for 07/11/2010
This document only lists incidents that were reported to the UCPD. The UCPD patrols from 39th to 64th Streets and Cottage Grove Ave. to Lake Shore Drive.
Incident Location Date/Time Reported Date/Time Occurred Comments Disposition UCPDI#
Fire Alarm 940 E. 57th St. (Bio-Psychological Science) 7/11/10 12:07 AM 7/11/2010 12:07 AM AM Alarm malfunction / CFD responded Closed W0770
Activated Alarm 5801 S. Ellis (Admin. Building) 7/11/10 4:42 AM 7/11/10 4:42 AM Apparent alarm malfunction / Premise secure Closed W0771
Fire 62nd St. between Drexel & Ingleside 7/11/10 8:43 AM 7/11/10 8:35 AM ComEd transformer in the alley sparked and caught fire / CFD extinguished / ComEd on scene Closed W0772
Criminal Sexual Assault 53rd at Ellis 7/11/10 2:21 PM 7/11/10 2:10 PM A male acquaintance visiting a female forced sexual intercourse against her will Open W0773
Burglary 58th between Kimbark & Kenwood 7/11/10 8:29 PM 7/11/10 8:20 PM Residents came home and found a male subject had broken into their apartment / Suspect fled before police arrived Open W0774
Disturbance 1100 E. 57th St. (Regenstein Library) 7/11/10 9:55 PM 7/11/10 9:50 PM Male subject created a disturbance when a staff member told him it was too late to check out a book Closed W0775