Daily Incident Report for 10/01/2010
This document only lists incidents that were reported to the UCPD. The UCPD patrols from 39th to 64th Streets and Cottage Grove Ave. to Lake Shore Drive.
Incident Location Date/Time Reported Date/Time Occurred Comments Disposition UCPDI#
Disorderly Conduct 5730 S. Drexel (Comer ER) 10/1/10 2:20 AM 10/1/10 2:20 AM Woman created a disturbance in ER and refused requests to act in a responsible manner / Arrested by UCPD Arrest W1176
Criminal Damage to Property 1101 E. 56th St. (Max Palevsky Commons) 10/1/10 9:51 AM 9/29/10 to 10/1/10 6:00 PM to 9:50 AM Unknown person(s) painted graffiti on wall in garden area / Facilities notified Open W1177
Theft 900 E. 57th St. (Knapp Center) 10/1/10 10:27 AM 9/27/10 to 9/28/10 4:30 PM to 8:00 AM Unknown person took a black mesh desk sorter from a desk Open W1178
Deceptive Practice 1414 E. 59th St. (International House) 10/1/10 2:11 PM 9/29/10 2:00 PM Complainant reported receiving a fraudulent check as part of a confidence game wire scam Open W1179
Activated Alarm 5617 S. Maryland (Facilities Plant) 10/1/10 10:36 PM 10/1/10 10:36 PM Alarm activated / Door not secured / UCPD toured and secured building / Alarm reset Closed W1180