Daily Incident Report for 07/13/2011
This document only lists incidents that were reported to the UCPD. The UCPD patrols from 39th to 64th Streets and Cottage Grove Ave. to Lake Shore Drive.
Incident Location Date/Time Reported Date/Time Occurred Comments Disposition UCPDI#
Battery 54th at Kimbark 7/13/11 12:05 PM 7/13/11 11:55 AM Unknown male grabbed woman by the hair and pulled her to the sidewalk / Woman screamed, suspect ran to waiting car that sped off Open A00425
Theft 5807 S. Woodlawn (Booth School) 7/13/11 1:11 PM 7/13/11 11:20 AM to 12:00 PM Wallet taken from book bag left unattended on 3rd floor Open A00426
Found Property 1313 E. 60th St. (Chapin Hall) 7/13/11 2:41 PM 7/13/11 2:40 PM A gardener found what appeared to be a spent pellet from a firearm / Item turned over to CPD Closed A00427
Criminal Trespass to Property 54th between Kimbark & Kenwood 7/13/11 6:27 PM 7/13/11 2:00 AM Complainant awakened by voices and saw two unknown persons running up rear porch stairs of apartment building / Ladder found leaning against rear of building / Suspects fled Open A00429
Information 950 E. 59th St. (Billings Hospital) 7/13/11 8:33 PM 7/13/11 3:30 PM to 5:15 PM Staff member found a piece of paper in the women's washroom with a drawing of a gun / Drawing retained by Hospital Security Closed A00428