Daily Incident Report for 06/19/2013
This document only lists incidents that were reported to the UCPD. The UCPD patrols from 39th to 64th Streets and Cottage Grove Ave. to Lake Shore Drive.
Incident Location Date/Time Reported Date/Time Occurred Comments Disposition UCPDI#
Public Indecency 5514 S. University (Pierce) 6/19/13 10:39 AM 6/19/13 10:30 AM Unknown male lewdly exposed himself in men's washroom Open C00660
Information Dorchester between 56th & 57th 6/19/13 10:43 AM 6/18/13 to 6/19/13 9:00 PM to 9:00 PM Victim reports receiving threatening telephone calls / CPD case CPD Case C00661
Theft 5823 S. Kenwood (Lab School) 6/19/13 1:05 PM 6/19/13 11:25 AM to 12:10 PM Bag containing iPhone and watch taken by unknown person Open C00662
Theft 950 E. 59th St. (Billings) 6/19/13 5:09 PM 6/19/13 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Wallet, iPad and iPhone taken from secured location in office Open C00663
Assist Other Agency 1520 E. 57th St. (Metra Platform) 6/19/13 6:37 PM 6/19/13 6:37 PM UCPD officers detained two individuals who were turned over to Metra Police and charged with trespass to property / Metra case 13-018268 Metra Case C00664
Information Woodlawn between 54th & 55th 6/19/13 8:34 PM 6/19/13 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM Bicycle taken from rear porch of private apartment building off campus / CPD case CPD Case C00665