Daily Incident Report for 04/18/2014
This document only lists incidents that were reported to the UCPD. The UCPD patrols from 39th to 64th Streets and Cottage Grove Ave. to Lake Shore Drive.
Incident Location Date/Time Reported Date/Time Occurred Comments / Nature of Fire Disposition UCPDI#
Information / Burglary 50th Pl. between Cornell & East End 4/18/14 9:59 AM 4/18/14 7:00 AM to 9:55 AM Unknown person entered off campus private apartment via an unsecured door and took various items / CPD case CPD D00354
Assist Other Agency / Theft 1453 E. 53rd St. 4/18/14 1:45 PM 4/18/14 1:45 PM UCPD officers detained a retail theft suspect / Turned over to CPD CPD D00355
Theft 5540 S. Hyde Park (Broadview Bike Rack) 4/18/14 4:32 PM 4/17/14 to 4/18/14 5:00 PM to 4:10 PM Unknown person removed bicycle that had been secured to the bike rack Open D00356
Injured Person 1101 E. 57th St. (Hull Gate) 4/18/14 4:36 PM 4/18/14 4:30 PM Woman tripped and fell to the pavement injuring her face and fingers / Transported to ER by CFD EMS Closed D00357
Information 5730 S. Ellis (Crerar) 4/18/14 9:24 PM 4/18/14 9:24 PM Fire alarm triggered by unknown cause / No fire or smoke / CFD on the scene Closed D00358
Criminal Trespass to Land 5706 S. University Reynolds Club) 4/18/14 3:30 PM 4/18/14 3:30 PM Unauthorized individual was warned not to trespass on University property / Issued formal written notice Closed D00359